7C7.1.1 Creativity bonus

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 a creativity bonus is really important in my opinion. It could animate some riders to think about new tricks and improve the sport. And I think it is really important to see some new skills at every Unicon. It is so inspiring for all riders and motivates others.

And I think a rider who has his own style and has some special tricks deserves the honor.



I like the idea of rewarding creativity but I think we need to clarify this rule a lot before it would work in practice. How do we define what creativity is? Is it something the judge has never seen before? Then that depends a lot of the judge and how much freestyle riding they have seen. Also what does "doubling their difficulty score mean"? If the judge is judging out of 15 points and they are already giving them a 12.7 for example, how can they double it?

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