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From section 7C.4 Freestyle Judging Panel; Judges must be at least 15 years of age at the start of the event.

In the US we have often allowed judges to be 14 years old because that is what our old rulebook said. Now that the IUF Rulebook is being used for many competitions I think we should keep in mind that it is often hard to find enough judges. Having 14 year old judges makes sense to me because that is the age someone must be to be an IUF level tester. I think that it's fine to have 14 year olds be judges. And I don't think this will affect the quality of the judges too much at Unicon because only more experienced judges are used at Unicon anyways.


 I think 14 is ok. They are mostly rider and know better how hard a trick is than anyone else. They are really in the topic.


I don't know, I get your point and I also think that a 14 year old should be fine. 

But is a 14 year old old enough to handle the job after the event? I mean people asking question that they are not really allowed to answer and stuff like this


I think at smaller competitions, yes. And like I said before I don't think that 14 year olds will be chosen to judge at Unicon because they won't have enough experience yet. I think it's good to have 14 year old judges because then they get better and have more time to become more experienced. 

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