Jr. Expert and Expert Wristbands (Closed for comments)

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At many competitions that I have been at, the Jr. Expert and Expert competitors have been allowed to take off their required competition wristbands so that they don't clash with their costumes. This is not something that is in the rulebook anywhere. I think this is a good thing because the top riders should be allowed to compete at the highest level and a part of being at that level is their costume. This is not something that would be required but it would be a rule that makes it allowed for these riders to do this.



Shoes are not being considered as a part of the costume so why should the competitor wristband.

I do understand that some riders want to take it off, but to do so they would need to contact the organizers before they do so, and they need a new one immediately after the routine is finished. that would give the organizers a huge amount of unnescesary extra work

I wouldn't allow this


I agree with Lasse. When the rider really has a problem with it, they can wear an extra strap fitting to his costume above, to cover it.

The judges should not be affected by it at all.

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