Acoustic warnings during routines

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In both of these rules below it mentions that there will be acoustic signals to start the routine and a 30 second warning acoustic signal. I'm curious if this happens at any national competitions? I know that we don't do it in the US or at Unicon. I think most riders would prefer to have the "No-Signal Option" so it might make more sense to change the rule to allow for riders to request the signals but that the default is that a whistle is only blown when the time limit is up.


7B.9.1 Rider’s No-Signal Option

A rider may have a well-planned routine to music that he or she knows is under the time limit, and does not wish for the acoustic signals to detract from his or her performance. When riders sign up with the Rider Liaison they can request “No acoustic signals.” This will eliminate the ‘Start’ signal, and the 30-second warning. The Timer will still keep the time, and if the rider exceeds the time limit, the Timer will make the ‘double acoustic signal’ to indicate the rider has run overtime.

7B.9.2 Start Of Performance

The judging, the stopwatch, and the ‘performance’ all start at the same time. The Timer starts the watch at the beginning of the music, or at a signal from competitors, whichever comes first. The signal can be a nod, wave, bow, verbal cue (“Start!”) or any clearly understandable means. An acoustic signal (such as a whistle) will indicate that the timing and judging have started. Any non-unicycling activities such as dancing, posing, acrobatics, etc., must be included within the time limit of the routine to be judged. In all Freestyle routines, an acoustic signal will indicate when there are 30 seconds left. In all artistic events, two acoustic signals or a different signal will indicate the end of the riding time and end of the judging.


We never do the 30 second warning acoustic signal. And I think, nobody wants it. (only when you don't have any music maybe.)

I also would change this rule.


I agree..

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