Substituting Pairs or Group Members due to injury or illness

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Right now in 7B.5 Deadline for Signing Up it says "Changing Pairs partners is allowed up to 36 hours prior to the actual competition as long as the category does not change. Adding or subtracting the members of a group routine is allowed up to 36 hours prior to the start of that competition."

However, what happens if someone gets injured or sick right before the competition? Many groups come ready with alternates to take the place in this kind of situation but I can't find any rule in the rulebook to allow it. I think we should create a rule about it but I'm not sure exactly what it should be.



In Germany we have to sign in all riders and alternates of the group. So you say for example I start with 16 people and have 4 alternates. When you have sign in all of these riders, it should be ok, to change right before the competition when you want.

If there is no alternates for a group but they need to change because of illness, injury or other mishap the Chief Judge has to give the permission.


For Pairs I think there should be a line at some point, but it could be 24 hours?

For groups I think it should be allowed to change immediately before the routine as long as the alternates were signed up as alternate prior to the event, although it's highly important that the director and/or chief judge are being notified about it BEFORE  the routine begins. Adding members should not be allowed after the registration closing date, subtracting members can be allowed on the same permissions as changing members.

all this of course have to happen in such a way that the competitor doesn't change category 


If something happens to a rider, and the pair/group can't set a new team by following these rule the competitor will have to withdraw themselves from the competition.

I see why the director would give permission to something else at a smaller event, but we cant handle to many changes to close to an event at Unicon


Now that it is possible to have alternates listed in the registration system I think that it's fine to allow changes up until right before, but I agree that the Chief Judge must be notified before the routine starts.

If a large group has 9 people for example and then a rider gets injured and can't perform and the group doesn't have any possible alternates they would now be down to 8 people. I think they should be allowed to change to a small group as long as the small groups haven't already competed. This was one of the main reasons that the time limit was kept the same for both small and large group in the last rulebook committee. However, this would not be allowed if it violates any sort of country restrictions (for example if Germany already had three small groups competing they couldn't add a 4th). I don't see this happening often as the countries who use up all of their competitor limitations almost always have alternates ready.

I think that 24 hours seems like a reasonable limit for pairs.


I agree with large groups getting to small can move to small groups. but i would like this to happen at least 24 hours before competition start


Okay what about this text?

Changing pairs partners is allowed up to 24 hours prior to the actual competition as long as the category does not change. For Group Freestyle, it is recommended to sign up alternates for the routine. In the case of injury or illness, groups with alternates signed up may substitute riders up until the start of the routine. If a group does not have alternates signed up then they must get the permission of the Chief Judge to substitute riders. Adding or subtracting the members of a group routine is allowed up to 24 hours prior to the start of that competition. If a group adds or subtracts riders so that they must change from Large Group to Small Group (or vice versa), this is allowed as long as it doesn't violate the per-country limitations for the competition and it is done at least 24 hours before the event. The Chief Judge must be notified of any changes or substitutions to be made.

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