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In the last rulebook committee we made it required for there to be a Jr. Small Group competition. I think this went well at Unicon 18 and was a good opportunity for young competitors. However, current the Jr. Small Groups have the same time limits as the other group competitions of 5 minutes. I feel that this is too long for the Jr.s. For all of the other competitions where there is Jr. Expert (pairs & individual) the Jr.s have one minute less. This makes sense because they are younger and don't have as many skills yet. 


So I suggest that Jr. Small Groups get 4 minutes. 


I agree your opinion.

That's why, I feel that it  is so long for the Jr.s too.


And actually, junior time in Japan is less than 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Please refer to it for consideration.


Kazuhiro Shimoyama



I am also okay with 3 mins 45 secs but I think that 4 minutes is simpler because all of the time limits are either 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes. This also keeps it consistent that Jr. expert always gets 1 minute less than Expert. 


I also agree. 4 minutes are enough for the young rider.


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