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7D.7 Pre-Event Practice Time

In order to give fair practice time in the Freestyle competition venue to the high level competitors, thirty minutes for practice must be reserved immediately before each Jr. Expert and Expert competition. During each thirty minute warm-up period, only the competitors for that event are allowed to be on the competition floor.

I think that this rule is very important for the competition, but I also think that is ruining the flow of the competition and makes the expert competition boring to watch because there is a lot of waiting due to the practice time.

I would like to make it allowed to have this practice/warmup time on a different floor than the competiton floor. The riders still need to be able to ride on the competition floor, but not immediately before their competition.



You are right. It is too much directly before the competition. But i think in not every gym is another floor. 


Sure the floor that are being used for warmup should be equal to the competition floor


Oh ok sorry I think I get it wrong. I thought you mean two different floors. 


-Now that I'm reading your first comment again, i see that it was me that got it wrong, I'm Sorry!


I did mean two different floors :)

but i also meant that the warm up area, and the competition floor, have to be similar.

And as you said, maybe it is not possible to have to different floors, but then we would need to do as we do competitions now.
but i like the idea of having the option to move warm up into another gym/floor


I don't think it really slows down the competition that much. I know that at Unicon we used the 30 minutes in between competitions for judges to finish their scores, switch out to new judges, and make sure everything was totally ready. That takes at least 15-20 minutes. So it's actually nice to have an official reason for that time so that the judges and officials don't feel so rushed. And I think that it makes the event social for the audience in addition to the competition. 


The 30 minutes between we start the expert competitions is not a problem for me, for the same reasons that you said.


what I dont like is that we are required to have a 30 minutes brake before each jr. expert and expert competition, that basically means that for individual freestyle with both jr. expert and expert in both genders, we are required to 4 times 30 minutes break. witch I think is very long time especially if there is only a few competitors signed up for each category. -it extend the competition by two full hours 


I am okay with having an option for the jr. expert warm up to be in a separate (but similar gym) but I think the experts should be on the actual competition floor.

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