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At this past Unicon there were many competitors, parents, and coaches who wanted to see the judges scores. I understand this, it is natural to want to know how you scored and what your strengths and weaknesses were. The problem is that the way the scores are shown in the judging system isn't helpful. It's mostly just confusing. In the rulebook it refers to "results sheets" but it doesn't specify what they contain. I would like to suggest that we use the results sheets that were created after Unicon 18. (See an example here https://uniregistration.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/unicon2016/uploads/competition_result/results_file/173/i_f_0-12.pdf).

I think it shouldn't be too difficult to have these sheets be automatically generated. It can be done immediately, at the same time that the awards are announced. Not only is it helpful that all competitors get to see more detailed results, but it also saves the Chief Judge time from having to show people scores and it gives the judges even more anonymity. I suggest that we make this the required way of displaying results. 

We can add it to this rule here by adding more explanation of what a "results sheet" is:

7D.3.1 Announcing Of Results

Final results will be continuously announced and/or posted for public view. Results Sheets will be posted after each age category of an event. The protest period begins at this point.


If this kind of results sheets can be automatically generated i think this would really great to have this being done.

Though i do think that we should leave a opening for small events to not publish this kind of ekstra results sheets, in case they are not using UDA to run the competition etc.


I think that Scott talked with Robin last summer about making these sheets a part of the UDA system and I believe that it is very doable.

As for smaller competitions, Scott made the ones from last summer by hand so that's definitely still an option. I think that it would work to require it either way. It is more work for smaller competitions to do it by hand but in theory they would have fewer categories so that would help. And more and more competitions are starting to use UDA so that's great.

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