7C.6 Performance time announcement

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The rulebook currently says:

When a Freestyle performance is finished, the timer will report the actual length of the performance. The time can be either displayed visually or announced publicly. A visual display must be visible to the judges and audience, such as on an electronic timing board or written on a whiteboard. If the routine ran overtime, only the maximum time need be displayed (example: 4:00 for Experts), or nothing at all. For public announcements by voice, the announcement should happen after the performer has exited, or clearly finished performing. In other words it is preferred to wait if the performer has an artistic exit, even though it cannot be judged. Then the announcement should be made, in a form similar to “The performance time was two minutes, forty two seconds.” This announcement must be made without delay, as it is a factor in the judging of the performer. If the performance ran overtime, no voice announcement is needed.


I think this rule should be completely removed for a couple of reasons,

- In the end this rule say "This announcement must be made without delay, as it is a factor in the judging of the performer." which I see as a problem, because this is the only place in the rulebook that say that time is a factor in the judging, the book does not say that using shorter time than granted is bad.  This rule leads to quite a lot of confusing where performance are subtracting points for not fulfilling the time, which to me is wrong and not fair.

- If the time is not a factor in the judging, what interest does judges and audience then have of knowing how much time is left? in case the rutine runs overtime they are being notified when time is up, otherwise the routine ends. 

- When the rulebook requires something to be done it often takes a lot of work to actually do, to me this is a unnecessary thing to require since it actually doesn't affects the scores.  



I agree with deleting it. 

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