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7C.7.5.4 Group Freestyle: Dismounts

Two or four dismount judges should be appointed by the Chief Judge to count falls for group routines.

The way the rule is stated it seems like you can't have three dismount judges. This seems silly to me. I would suggest saying "two or more". It never hurts to have more people counting falls.


I think for a big group two dismount judges are not enough. When there are 20 or more people in the group you can not see every dismount.

I would say "four or more" for a big group (so they can sit in every corner and count only for a quarter of the area) and "two or more" for a small group. I think, then it is much safer that the result is right.


I would agree on the "two or more"

it can be hard to find 4 people extra at a small event


I think you can always find 4 People who count dismounts. They don't have to be a judge to do it.


I know that at the US championships we have a hard time finding enough people to do this job. I do think it's fine to require 4 at Unicon though. There are several rules in other sections of the rulebook that have separate requirements for Unicon. 

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